Life Coaching takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Coaching is future focussed and can help you to discover what you really want, help you achieve goals, and lead you to a more abundant, peaceful future.

Life Coaching can have a profound and lasting impact, if you're willing to commit to your ideal future.

On this page, you'll find the answers to these questions...

-What is life coaching?
-Why hire a life coach?
-Are you ready for life coaching?
-How does life coaching work?
-What can you expect from your first session?
-Who can life coaching help?
-What will you learn through life coaching?
-What qualities should your coach possess?
-What will your life coach do?
-What won't your life coach do?
-Expected outcomes from life coaching.
-How much does life coaching cost?
-How is life coaching different from counselling?

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1. What is life coaching?

When most people think of a coach, they picture a sportsperson working with someone to improve their game. Life coaching is somewhat similar. Your life coach looks at how you’re playing the game of life and works with you to improve your life.

While this analogy is useful, it is a simplistic comparison, because life coaching offers much more…

I’m sure you’ll agree the sportsperson needs to be motivated if they want to improve their game. If you want to create change in your life, you will also need some motivation.

2. Why hire a life coach?

If you’re looking to create personal or professional transformation, then hiring a life coach increases your chances of achieving your goals.

Research has shown that working with a life coach can:

  • improve goal focus by 83%,
  • increase emotional intelligence by up to 85%,
  • stretch abilities by 81%, and
  • increase self-confidence by 81%.

Life Coaching has been shown to help…

  • improve results and achieve goals easily
  • increase self-esteem and confidence
  • increase earning potential
  • gain clarity in career direction and enjoy greater job satisfaction
  • create positive change and get more out of life
  • improve time management and personal organisation
  • bust the myth of work-life balance and achieve whole life satisfaction
  • resolve conflict, improve relationships and communication

3. Are you ready for life coaching?

You are ready for life coaching if you are…

  • willing to change
  • open to new ways of thinking
  • prepared to embrace the unfamiliar.

Unfamiliarity is perhaps the most challenging part of coaching.

4. How does life coaching work?

Life coaching creates rapid change. Let’s see how…

You have beliefs and behaviours preventing you from achieving your goals. These beliefs and behaviours are most often hidden in the unconscious. Your life coach will bring these unconscious beliefs into your conscious awareness. From here, effective solutions and action steps can be applied.

You and your life coach will set a goal at the beginning of each session to keep you focused. Sometimes the conversation will meander, but your coach will always guide you back on track. Your life coach will be 100% present and focused on YOU.

Your life coach has an arsenal of great questions that guide you to achieving your desired outcome. A good life coach will believe in your inner strength and infinite ability to learn and grow. It is these elements that a life coach will draw to the fore in order to create rapid change.

By now, you are probably starting to realise that in a typical life coaching session, you’ll experience a conversation like no other! It is a conversation with a strong focus and a sense of purpose. A conversation that gets you results.

5. What can you expect from your first session?

During your first session, Katherine will:

  1. help you identify your most immediate goal,
  2. talk through any current challenges,
  3. explore options and solutions,
  4. give you effective strategies and practical action that you will find easy to implement, and
  5. help you plan the way forward.

During your session, Katherine will create a space of non-judgement, she will believe in you 100%, hold you accountable and keep you on track, and encourage you outside of your comfort zone.

You will be asked questions that will get you thinking in a way you may not have before. This may sometimes feel confusing or challenging, but Katherine is an expert at guiding you through this process. She will listen when you need it, she will push you when you need it.

Katherine has a unique and refreshing approach to the attainment of your goals and believes the process should be enjoyable.

6. Who can life coaching help?

When life throws you a challenge, it can feel really hard.

Every week, Katherine receives enquiries from people who are…

  • unhappy in their career,
  • experiencing challenging relationships,
  • looking for something more fulfilling, but don’t know how,
  • nagivating divorce or relationship breakdown,
  • exhausted by the demands of work, family and life,
  • struggling with a small business,
  • uncertain about the future, among others…

Although you may not be able to see a way forward, your life coach can. You don’t have to do it alone.

For every one of these problems, there ARE solutions. Your life coach will show you how.

7. What will you learn through life coaching?

Life coaching will teach you many valuable lessons, including how to:

  • get out of your own way,
  • eliminate self-sabotaging behaviours,
  • become flexible in your thinking, and
  • embrace creative solutions.

8. What qualities should your coach possess?

Every great life coach has their own unique skills, experience and ways of communicating. However, there are some qualities that every effective life coach possesses.

  • Empathy: being compassionate and judgement-free. Carl Rogers (creator of Person-Centred Therapy), terms this ‘unconditional positive regard’,
  • Behavioural flexibility: feeling comfortable with the unfamiliar, admitting when something isn’t working and being prepared to change direction when needed,
  • Self-awareness: a commitment to continued personal growth. A great coach must let go of their ego, continually question and look for better ways of doing things
  • Excellent Communication: listening, clarifying, giving feedback clearly and authentically. Being able to notice what is NOT said.

Above all, the coach you choose will be someone with whom you feel comfortable, someone whose message resonates with you.

9. What will your life coach do?

  • help you structure your life the way you want it to be
  • target specific areas of your life you want to change or improve
  • assist you to discover the obstacles and challenges before you
  • guide you on a course of action
  • hold you accountable for your progress
  • believe that you’re 100% capable of achieving your goals
  • commit 100% to your success

10. What won’t your life coach do?

  • tell you what you should do or offer unwanted advice
  • allow you to make excuses
  • give up on you
  • work with anyone who is not 100% committed to creating change

11. Expected outcomes from Life Coaching

  • find your direction and make decisions more easily
  • gain clarity on your values and identify what you truly want
  • better goal setting and achieving results
  • greater self-awareness and self-confidence
  • move your life in a positive direction
  • break through your past limits or fears
  • overcome challenges more easily
  • greater sense of control and ability to accept the uncertainties of life
  • structure your life the way you want it, moving forward optimistically
  • improved relationships, communication and understanding others

12. How much does Life Coaching cost?

Working with a qualified, experienced life coach costs about the same as a good quality psychologist. However, unlike a psychologist, most people can claim coaching through their tax. (You will need to seek advice from your accountant, as everyone’s circumstances are different.)

Your coach has invested considerable time and money in personal and professional development, so you don’t have to. Let’s see what it would cost you if you had to do this all yourself…

Since 2011, Katherine has personally invested:

  • over $60,000.00 on education and training
  • thousands of hours in reading, researching, studying and training
  • hundreds of hours in one-to-one coaching

Your coaching fees give you access to the knowledge and experience that your coach has developed over a decade, distilled into a coaching program customised for you. Katherine’s experience gives you powerful transformation for a fraction of the time and money you would spend working it out yourself.

Research shows that coaching provides a high return on investment (ROI) of between 507% to 700%! So, Investing in life coaching is an investment in yourself!


13. How is Life Coaching different from counselling?

Life coaching is more future focussed than counselling.

Your Life Coaching program will focus on goal setting, creating positive outcomes and achieving them, and managing personal change.

Some people feel that one of the limitations of life coaching is that it doesn’t allow room for the client to explore their past. This is where Katherine’s programs are unique. With qualifications in both Life Coaching and counselling, Katherine can help you overcome past challenges while at the same time keeping you focussed on your present and future.

Past and current clients have found Life Coaching to be fun, challenging, exciting, empowering and life changing.

Read more about what clients have to say here.

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