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    - “Absolutely Invaluable Experience”

    Before engaging Katherine as a life coach, I felt as if I was on a treadmill, running and running but not getting anywhere. I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone, challenge myself – afraid of what others might think if I made a mistake. I was my worst critic.

    This was my first experience with coaching and it was an absolutely invaluable experience. It also happened at an opportune time when I was facing significant challenges in my career.

    The key change that I experienced as a result of the coaching program was to my mindset or perception. I no longer regard myself as a ‘victim’ and am able to face life’s challenges head on. I now have a better understanding of my core needs and those of my loved ones. I have learned to set goals for myself and strategies to deal with obstacles I may encounter so I can achieve the results I want in life, both personal and professional.

    The outcome is that it has helped my jump off the treadmill, run the marathon and most importantly enjoy the journey.

    Name Withheld, Senior Business Analyst, Melbourne

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    - “Moving Forward Positively Towards My Goals And Dreams”

    I reached a slow point where I was making little progress with my work and business. I was holding on very tightly to what I had already achieved in my life and afraid to lose it. I frequently had a story or external excuses as to why it was taking me so long to reach my goals when in fact I was afraid to keep moving forward. I stretched myself to commit to a 4-month coaching program.

    Katherine is a great coach and knows how to keep me focused on my desired outcome and break through my limiting behaviours. In her supportive style she has helped me find new ways of thinking about things which were previously holding me back. Since the coaching with Katherine I have become more free of my limiting beliefs around being good enough to succeed in my new goals. This has made me more confident and allowed me to progress in achieving my goals more rapidly.

    Katherine is a great coach and knows just the right questions to ask at the right time to get to keep me moving forward positively towards my goals and dreams. She has held me accountable for my progress ensuring that the only option is success in every area that I have chosen.

    I recommend Katherine as a coach to anyone that wants to stretch beyond their limits and achieve their goals and dreams.

    Mark P, Senior Business Manager, Telstra Corp., Sydney

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    - “The Most Confident I Have Ever Been”

    I participated in one of Katherine’s webinars was completely inspired by the time it finished. The tips and hints provided by Katherine were fantastic, given in terms that were easy to understand and follow. After the webinar, I was able to set myself a goal that I have wanted to achieve for some time but previously failed. I am now well on my way to achieving that goal. I feel the most confident I have ever been that I will reach my goal of a happier healthier me by September this year. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Katherine. Katherine is a truly inspirational person and I am eternally grateful for her help in putting me on track to achieve this year’s and future goals.

    Sarah H, Small Business Owner, Sydney

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    - “A New Belief System To Help Me Grow”

    I had a personal strategy session with Katherine Agius. Not only was she quick to identify the problems in my life. Katherine was also able to assist with a new belief system that should help me grow both professionally and personally. Would definitely use Katherine’s services again and have no hesitation in recommendation her as a life coach. Here’s to a fantastic future!

    Emily U, Internet Retailer, Gosford, NSW

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    - “Phenomenal, Turned My Life Around”

    I met Katherine at an opportune time when I was facing significant challenges in my life. I was five minutes from bankruptcy, living on credit cards and unemployment benefit. I lost lots of money on a business venture, which was unprofitable. I was my worst critic. I needed help and I needed fast.

    I met Katherine and immediately I did know that she is the one who could help me. I didn’t think that I could afford coaching. But investing in me was absolutely invaluable decision and experience of my life. First session with Katherine was like magic. Katherine created such nonjudgmental environment that I was able to open up my heart and my soul to her.

    The end result of our collaboration was phenomenal. I had turned my life around. I am opening new business very soon and first of all I love and believe in myself.

    Thank you Katherine for coming into my life. Also big thank you for your outstanding professionalism and commitment.

    Love & Light.

    Ella W, Entrepreneur, Sydney

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    - “The Feeling Of Anxiety Has Gone”

    When I first heard about coaching, I thought it was a whole bunch of bologni. I wanted to believe it could help me but there was doubt in the back of my mind. However, I did want to change my life so much that I’m willing to try anything.

    And one session with Katherine was life magic overnight. The change happened the next day. Before the session I was suffering from anxiety and had a phobia that had given me trouble sleeping for years. I had been waking up every 2 hours and with Katherine’s help the very next night I slept right through and for the first time in years I woke up with daylight coming through the window.

    It’s now been 6 days since our session and already I’m more relaxed and don’t let the little things worry me. What I like most of all is feeling relaxed and the feeling of anxiety has gone.

    Dominic G, Musician, Sydney

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    - “More Confidence And Clarity”

    I was feeling pretty frustrated before I met Katherine, because the same old stuff was happening. I was heading off to do a course and the same ‘old pattern’ was happening.

    We had 3 sessions, and the last one was before a course I was attending, same anxieties and I had a major breakthrough, managed the course with more confidence and clarity, and lightbulb moment when I acknowledged there were most of the room going through the same stuff.

    So thank you Katherine, I really acknowledge you and thank you for all that.

    Jane B, Homeopath & Life Coach, Byron Bay, NSW

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    - “Achieving My Goals In Such An Easy Way”

    I was feeling pretty frustrated around my business as I was starting so many things and not getting anywhere with any of it.

    After only one session, Katherine really helped me to clarify and become aware of my behaviours that were getting in the way of my success in business and helped me create a new strategy to achieve my goals in such an easy way!

    It’s amazing to see how easy it was afterward to see how I could achieve the things in my business that seemed so hard or unfamiliar before. Now the tasks in my business that were daunting I now do easily without a second thought!

    Thank you Katherine for enlightening me and helping me to kicking my goals!

    Grace V, Hair Salon Owner, Melbourne

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