Life Coaching Group

Master your thoughts and habits to make your life much easier and more enjoyable.

Welcome to the next step on your journey to self mastery!

Join me and a small group of clients as we discover how to get more out of life.

Each week, I share a new insight and offer up some powerful coaching questions, to get you working with the new insight. I facilitate a group discussion around the insight.

Participants have fun and enjoy engaging with new people. If you want to get involved, then join the chat and enjoy the stimulating discussions. It's a very flexible and supportive space.

Online Coaching Group
Looking for a coach, exploring your options, but you don’t know if you’re quite ready for one-to-one coaching?

Group Coaching may be right for you…

You’ll meet with your coach and a small group of fellow coachees (maximum 6 people per group) once a week.

Some of the strategies you’ll learn include:

  • set goals (the fun way!)
  • discover your purpose
  • get more organised
  • manage your time more effectively
  • overcome overwhelm
  • understand why you procrastinate
  • simplify your spaces
  • achieve the outcomes you want each day
  • improve your sleep
  • increase stress tolerance and stress management
  • learn relaxation skills and self-care
  • rediscover how to have fun
  • become a more effective communicator
  • deal with difficult people
  • Learn how to say ‘no’
  • simple problem solving techniques
  • decision-making made easy
  • and MORE!

Group coaching runs for 10 weeks with the NSW public school terms. Your investment is a small $67.60 per week.

If you have more questions or would like to join, then please contact Katherine using the form below.

NB: In order to protect my current valued clients, I only allow participants who are GENUINE to join the group. Your enquiry will be assessed and you will have to be approved to join. Please put some detail in your enquiry about what you’re hoping to get out of group sessions and why you would like to join us.

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