Can you remember the last time something was cancelled on you at the last minute? Maybe you were looking forward to an evening out with a friend and they called to say they couldn’t make it? Maybe a customer cancelled a large order? Or maybe you were put into a COVID lockdown?

We’ve all been there. It’s very easy in that moment to feel disappointed, maybe even shattered! And if you’re unaware of the control you have over your thoughts in every moment, you can quickly descend into negativity that feels hard to recover from.

We’ve all experienced changes to our plans that were completely out of our control. When this happens there is still one thing that we can control. It’s what we choose to do with that news that makes the biggest difference to whether we fail or succeed.

What is within my control is what I choose to think, how I choose to feel and then the subsequent action I choose to take.

Once upon a time, with a sudden change of plans, the old Katherine would have had a hissy fit at the disruption and created all sorts of negative thoughts. The old Katherine created a lot of conflict with people she loved the most at these times. What a painful way to live!

Eventually, I realised that the quicker I gather myself together and change my negative thinking about a situation, the better I feel, the better those around me feel and the more that I can accomplish.

Plans often change for one reason or another. That’s life. Choose to cultivate flexibility in your thinking and you’ll experience a radical transformation in your results.

In future, when your plans change – and they will – remain flexible. What negative thoughts pop up? What could you choose to think instead? Cultivating flexibility in your thinking makes you more adaptible and better able to cope in an uncertain world.

“But how do I get more flexible in my thinking?”, I hear you ask. Great question!

Cognitive flexibility and behavioural flexibility are the premises upon which life coaching (LC) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) are based. During individual coaching sessions, I coach clients just like you to changing your mindset and using powerful tools for success.

I believe behavioural flexibility is so important that I consider it to be the most central element for success.